Cheshire Bathroom Company – Bathroom Renovation

At the Cheshire Bathroom Company, we pride ourselves on our impeccable service and consistency throughout each job. We provide an incredibly broad range of services to our clients, including our bathroom renovation service.

Based in the heart of Cheshire, we pride ourselves on our community spirit and pristine customer service. If you’re after a reliable and experienced bathroom renovation service, look no further than the Cheshire Bathroom Company.

The Process

From the first phone call, everything that we work towards to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams is an in-depth process. Firstly, we will come to take a look at your bathroom and take measurements and then have a consultation. This is where you can ask all your pressing questions and queries, and we will go through the next steps so that you can get a general idea of our procedure.

Our talented design team will work closely with you to help you transform your idealistic Pinterest ideas and bring them to life. Working to your specific budget requirements, we are able to bring your dream bathroom and make it your own reality.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a professional service performed by our talented team. We pride ourselves on providing each of our clients an affordable and reliable service that allows each and every one to make the absolute most of their current living space.

We love working with our clients to create the bathroom of their dreams and providing the perfect customer service that makes them feel comfortable and involved throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Us

At the Cheshire Bathroom Company, we want to provide you with a straight-forward and no-strings-attached service that you can depend on. Working towards each of our projects with an open mind and a professional flair, we help you create your own personal dream bathroom to match your budget.

Our knowledgeable team are ready and raring to go on your project, with years of experience behind them to steer them in the right direction and help you produce your dream bathroom.

Cheshire Bathroom Company Bathroom Renovation

The Cheshire Bathroom Company – Plumbing

Here at the Cheshire Bathroom Company, we provide the North West with a multitude of different services. Our plumbing service is one of these services that we are proud to present to each of our clients.

We cover all forms of plumbing, from installations to repairs and maintenance. Our fully qualified and friendly plumbers can fix any plumbing issues or emergencies that you might come across, allowing for an all-round and perfected service.

 Plumbing at The Cheshire Bathroom Company

Our plumbing service is something we pride ourselves on here at the Cheshire Bathroom Company. We love to assist our clients in all forms of bathroom renovation, even the plumbing side of the job.

Our qualified and experienced plumbers work day in and day out to provide you with the best quality service. They’ve seen and fixed it all, having worked within their trade for a number of years. We ensure that each plumber that is sent to you is fully trained and ready to get to work.

Our Qualified Plumbers

Having professional and experienced plumbers is one of our many attributes here at the Cheshire Bathroom Company. All our plumbers are thoroughly trained and certified to a top level, meaning that when they come across any level of plumbing issue, they will be able to solve it.

All our plumbers are friendly and professional, bringing together our company to become the best it can be. Handling the plumbing side of our bathroom design and renovation business, they don’t mind getting dirty in order to solve a plumbing problem.

Why Choose Us

At the Cheshire Bathroom Company, our main aim is to assist those who need our help. Whether that is bathroom renovation, plumbing maintenance and repairs or even tiling, we’re always here to assist you. We pride ourselves highly on our impeccable customer service, which we strive to deliver to each and every client.

We will always consider ourselves to be a friendly and experienced business, that understands your needs and current trends in order to create your dream bathroom. Our talented team all join together to create what we consider to be the Cheshire Bathroom Company.

Cheshire Bathroom Company Plumbing

The Cheshire Bathroom Company – Tiling

At the Cheshire Bathroom Company, we provide a broad range of different bathroom renovation and maintenance services. One of these is our brilliant tiling service. Our professional teams work to match your requirements and dimensions within your bathroom and other tiled areas to achieve the best possible result.

We offer a range of different tiling services underneath the tiling umbrella, including outdoor tiling, full bathrooms, kitchens and simple flooring. We’ve seen it and done it all which is what makes us so great!

The Process

Once you’ve chosen the Cheshire Bathroom Company to perform your tiling within your home, there is a simple process that we follow in order to create the best possible results. As soon as you book in our services, we will come to the property to perform an overall consultation where we will discuss your service and oversee the area in which you wish to have tiled.

Once we’ve discussed the general process with you, we will send our talented team to your house to continue the work. Once they’ve placed all the tiling and it’s all dried and settled, you will be ready to enjoy your brand-new tiled flooring or area, whether that be indoors or outdoors.

Our Talented Team

Here at the Cheshire Bathroom Company, we pride ourselves on our talented and professional team. Through each sector, we’ve managed to build a team that are personable and professional that provides a brilliant service each and every time.

All team members are trained in their trade, whether it be plumbers or tilers. We aim to allow each team member to grow individually in order to create a brilliant experience for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our exceptional tiling service allows you to get the most out of your bathroom, kitchen and flooring. We can help you choose the perfect tile that complements the room and adds to the overall aesthetic, making the whole room look flawless.

We always aim to perform our tiling to a brilliant standard that is clean and tidy yet beautiful at the same time. We will always stick to your budget and will guide you in the best direction that best suits you and the room itself.

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If our tiling service ticks all your boxes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Whether you’re after outdoor or indoor flooring, tiling or even kitchen tiling, we can help you with it all!

Be sure to contact us today for further information on our Cheshire tiling service, either via phone or email. You can find all of our details on our contact us page, including how to visit us!